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The Legend of Dilmah Tea

Pendiri Dilmah yakni Merrill J Fernando pada tahun 1950 di Ceylon ( yang kini bernama negara Sri Lanka ).

Pada tahun 1988, Dilmah meluncurkan teh 100% ceylon murni di Australia, memberi jaminan tanpa syarat akan kesegaran dan kualitas.

Pembuatan Teh Dilmah masih menggunakan teknologi model kuno! Dan memastikan bahwa pembuatan Dilmah dari teh berkualitas. Konsumen bisa membedakan keaslian teh dilmah dengan teh lain dengan cara mengenali perbedaan di dalam isapan awal.Dilmah membawa integritas dan mutu ke teh.

The Product of Dilmah Tea

Mainstream Black Tea Selection

Dilmah Premium Tea is well balanced in strength, flavour, and aroma. It has real tea character and frehness. Savour the taste of real, honest tea.

Boutique Tea Selection

Teas that appeal to the discerning tea drinker from teas that celebrate the infinite variety of body, colour, and liquor of different tea growing regions and estates to the delicate, soft, and gentle real white tea.

Chai Tea

Keeping true the asian chai tradition, Dilmah chai tea selection combines tha natural ceylon spices to create a fiery brew that is both sharp and uplifting and a gentle brew that is reviving and calming.

Flavoured Black Tea

Enjoy all the goodness of real ceylon tea with added asian spice and fun fruit flavours. The Dilmah asian spice selection feature cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom flavours and the dilmah exotic fruit selection offers fine quality ceylon tea in a choice of fruit flavours. The flavours complement the fine quality of dilmah single origin 100% pure ceylon tea. They are delicately fragrant, not overpowering.

Gift Tea Selection

A gift of tea is naturally life enhancing gift that offers goodness, indulgence, and quality. Dilmah offers a wide assortment of gift teas, ranging from gourmet and green tea gifts to fun tea and boutique watte.

Green Tea

All natural green tea, some with selected natural herbs and spices.

Herbal Infusions

Dilmah Camomile Flowes, Rosehip, and Hibiscus and Pure Peppermint offer delicious naturally caffeine free infusions. Dilmah camomile has a subtle, gentle character. Dilmah peppermint makes a sparkling, minty infusion. Delicious taken hot or iced with a touch of honey. Dilmah rosehip has a tart, invigorating infusion, rose red in colour.


Naturally caffeine free, in pure organic form and with natural lemon myrtle.

Speciality Tea Selection

If you on old brand names for your speciality tea such as english breakfast or earl grey, you maybe encouraged to taste single origin dilmah tea when you read the endorsement of renowned british food and wine writer, fiona beckett in the times of london, "Dilmah's earl grey is outstanding". It is the best i've ever tasted and strong breaktfast tea is good, too.

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