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Sparkling Surabaya

Sparkling Surabaya merupakan logo, slogan kota Surabaya. Dasar hukum penetapan slogan Surabaya Sparkling itu sendiri berasal dari Surat penetapan Wakil Walikota Surabaya Arif Afandi Nomor: 510/2486/436.5.12/2006 tanggal 14 Juli 2006 perihal memasyarakatkan Sparkling Surabaya, sebagai Logo dan slogannya Kota Surabaya. Tujuan logo itu sendiri sebagai tambahan materi promosi di ruang terbuka billboard, banner, media cetak, koran, majalan, dan media elektronik serta diharapkan membantu meningkatkan perekonomian kota Surabaya.

Website Surabaya Sparkling bisa diakses disini. Berisi Tourist Map, Useful Information, Surabaya and Indonesia, Sparkling Surabaya on Pictures dan masih banyak lagi menu yang disajikan.

Berikut salah satu konten web Sparkling Surabaya :

Surabaya is a second metropolis city in Indonesia. It's thecapital city of East Java. Surabaya is a reference of East Indonesian Region in the field of industry, trade, education and also ocean.

In Indonesian history, Surabaya has a big role in freedom struggle of Indonesia. Once upon a time, something that would be an unforgettable moment by this nation is the struggle of people in Surabaya known as the "10 Nopember 1945" incident.

The well known spirit of "Rawe-rawe Rantas Malang-malang Putung" had driven the citizen of Surabaya to fight against the Ally troops which is intruded by NICA. This troops had a mission to take over Surabaya once again. In this incident, the ally general, Mallaby, was killed. They torn the blue color of Dutch's flag in the hotel and set it in the Yamato Hotel. Because of that incident, people of Surabaya or who has ever settled in Surabaya proudly being called "Arek Suroboyo".

To memorize the spirit of people in Surabaya at the moment, built a monument called "TUGU PAHLAWAN" in the heart of Surabaya. This monument has been a symbol of Surabaya for years.

Geographically, Surabaya locate on a tropical area. So, it can be easily visited through the air, the sea and also from the land transportation. It takes around 9 hours from Jakarta using railway train and 1 1/4 hour using plane. The East and North of Surabaya are directly facing the Madura Strain. They form coastal area along the beach.

The Surabaya citizen is now around 2.941.820 people living in this city which is 90 people / Hectare dense, and grows around 1,749% /year. The citizen of Surabaya consists of a plural culture. The most are came from Javanese and Madurese. But these cultures have been living for years in peace. It's so, because of the people's characteristic is open mind. They prefer to say something they don't loke to others rather than keeping in their mind as a venge.

Surabaya has been the center of industry for the area surrounding the city, extending to the East Indonesia. The regions, e.c. Tandes, Benowo, Asemrowo, Rungkut (PT. SIER), Gunung Anyar are the main industrial areas which consists of food, trade, chemical, cloth, etc.

Surabaya is a maritim city which is well known since the Kingdom of Majapahit. At that moment trade activity concentrate in the Ujung Dock, which is now known as Tanjung Perak Harbor. As a second biggest harbor in Indonesia, many kinds of supporting industry such as shipment and workshop fascilities are built in the area. P.T. PAL as a repair shop and ship building has turned into a trend settler from many other similar commpany in Indonesia.

Along with the progress of industrial sector, the economic rate of Surabaya growth rapidly. The growth is around 7,5 % per year. Many trades center can be found is Surabaya. Some of them are the Tunjungan Plaza, World Trade Centre (WTC), Tunjungan Centre, Surabaya Plaza, Jembatan Merah Plaza, Surabaya Mall dan Galaxy Mall.
Hoe to Travel to Indonesia?

You can fly directly to Indonesia from just about anywhere.People can travel from Europe and the US arrive on direct flights to Surabaya. But most traveling trips to Indonesia will arrive at Jakarta Airport or Denpasar Airport then we can travel by domestic flight to Juanda Airport in Surabaya. There are also non-stop flights from several Asian cities, including Singapore, Malaysia, and Hongkong.
How to Get to Hotel From Airport?

If you prefer to travel by yourself; When you arrive at Juanda (Surabaya) International Airport, you can go directrly to the Hotel. We recommend you to take a taxi for your convenience. There are many city taxi services within the city of Surabaya. Recommended taxi companies for transportation inside the city are "Blue Bird", "Silver Bird", all are from "Blue Bird Group" Taxi. Taxi rates (Argo meter) are estimated at Rp 3.000 for the starting KM plus Rp. 1300/1KM.