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Google rilis Ad Manager, saingi Adsense

Google Ad Manger merupakan sebuat platform yang dapat membantu pengelola web untuk menjual space iklan di halaman web nya. Layanan ini tersedia secara gratis, namun masih terbatas untuk yang mendapat tawaran saja dari pihak Google.

Dengan Ad Manager seorang webmaster bisa mengelola bisnis iklan di halaman web nya dengan mudah, diantaranya menyediakan fitur laporan secara berkala untuk setiap pengiklan, google tidak mengambil keuntungan dari jualan iklan ini.

Platform yang dikembangkan sendiri oleh Google, seperti dilansir Wall Street Journal, ini tidak terkait langsung dengan layanan DoubleClick yang baru saja selesai proses akuisisinya. Layanan DoubleClick lebih dimaksudkan untuk iklan premium, sedangkan Ad Manager seperti halnya Adsense untuk penjualan iklan kelas menengah ke bawah.

Ad Manager offers a wealth of features to help you with :

  • Inventory management
  • Yield optimization
  • Ad targeting
  • Trafficking, ad delivery, and order booking
  • Creatives and rich media management
  • Reporting
  • User interface navigation
  • Account administration


1. What ad management problems is Google Ad Manager designed to solve?

Many publishers with direct ad sales experience the following problems:
* Confusing, slow, and complicated workflows
* Inflexible site tagging
* Uncertainty about which ad source to deliver to optimize yield
* Unreliable inventory forecasting
* High ad-serving costs

In response to these challenges, we designed Google Ad Manager to offer you:
* A clear user interface: Increase your staff's efficiency and productivity.
* Simplified tagging: Tag your site only once.
* Yield optimization: Automatically maximize your CPMs.
* Reliable inventory forecasting: Always know what inventory is available to sell.
* Higher ROI: Save costs, because Ad Manager is free.

2. Is Google Ad Manager right for me?

Please consider Ad Manager for your business if you:
* Operate a website with reserved and network ad inventory.
* Sell your ad inventory directly to advertisers (or plan to sell directly to advertisers in the future).
* Want to improve the efficiency of the sales process and feel confident in your forecasting.
* Need a consistent way to deliver ads that make you the most money.
* Find that some of your inventory always remains unsold because you couldn't accurately forecast availability.

3. Is Google Ad Manager really free?

Yes. There are no sign-up, ad serving, feature, or support costs for Google Ad Manager.
4. Does Ad Manager require exclusivity?

No. Ad Manager doesn't require exclusivity. You're free to use other ad management and ad serving products along with Google Ad Manager or switch to another provider at any time.
5. Will I be restricted to AdSense as my ad network?

No. You can use any ad network you like. With Google Ad Manager, you can optionally enable AdSense to deliver the best-paying ad source for each impression.

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